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OCI™-2000HH Handheld Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager

Bring hyperspectral imaging to your hand

OCI-2000HH Handheld Snapshot Hyperspectral ImagerProduct Overview:

OCI™-2000HH handheld snapshot hyperspectral imaging camera brings for the high-performance hyperspectral imaging in a handheld form within 1 lbs. (450 g). This handheld snapshot hyperspectral camera acquires full and continuous visible - near infrared (VIS - NIR) hyperspectral / multispectral data with simple point-and-shoot operation. Equipped with a large touchscreen and simple user interface, this hand shape device offers on-site spectral data processing and analysis in your hand, without any cost of lab test.

Snapshot hyperspectral imaging is a practical method to capture worthwhile spectral information during a single snapshot, less than 30ms, without any scanning part involved. One of the major advantages of snapshot imaging is that it avoids motion artifacts, thereby simplifying the data processing and improving the image processing time.

With the availability of large-format, low-cost optical dispensing elements, and ultra-miniature form. It is the ideal solution for wide applications, such as agriculture monitoring, food industry, geology, recycling, and anti-counterfeiting.

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OCI-2000HH Handheld Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager

Key Features


  • Point-and-shoot hyperspectral imager, simple user interface
  • Self-contained system with touchscreen computer integrated in a handheld form
  • Choice of objective lenses for different field of view
  • Ideal for handheld, field-based imaging requiring fast acquisition speeds
Spectral Range600 – 1000 nm
Spectral Resolution< 12 nm
Number of spectral bands20 - 25
Dimension 35 x 135 x 75 mm
Weight1 lbs.