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OCI™-2000 Series Snapshot Hyperspectral Imagers

Aerial hyperspectral imaging at your fingertips

OCI-D2000 Hyperspectral ImagerProduct Overview:

OCI™-2000 VIS-NIR hyperspectral imagers and imaging cameras are extremely compact, light, and rugged, covering visible – near-infrared (VIS - NIR) spectral range from 470 – 1000 nm. Unlike conventional hyperspectral imagers which rely on intensive software effort on hyperspectral images cube construction, the innovative design of the OCI™-2000 hyperspectral imaging cameras feature point-and-shoot operation and ultrafast data transfer rates, with automatic data capturing and processing.

The elegant completely integrated design and manufacturing in our quality certified production facility with master quality control to deliver high precision, superb signal-to-noise, excellent spectral & spatial resolution, and outstanding imaging quality. With the free packed operation software and user-friendly interface, OCI™ - 2000 hyperspectral imaging cameras are automatic and minimum human intervention. They are ideally catered to various unnamed aerial vehicles/systems (UAV/UAS) and remotely operated vehicles (ROV). BaySpec also provides ready-to-fly hyperspectral solution. Extreme compactness with uncompromised performance, automatic operation and data processing makes the OCI-UAV a straightforward system for applications such as precision agriculture and remote sensing, geological survey, security/defense, oceanography, and anti-counterfeiting.

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OCI-D2000 Hyperspectral Imager

Key Features


  •  Extremely compact, light, and flexible
  • Fast data rate up to 120 frame per second
  • Excellent spectral and spatial resolution & coverage
  • Innovative non-slit design significantly reduces system complexity
  • No GPS/IMU needed for ground image reconstruction
  • Real-time ground image preview
  • The best solution for diverse UAV and ROV
ModelOCI - 2000OCI - 2000VOCI - D2000
Spectral Range600 – 1000 nm470 – 620 nm475 – 875 nm
Spectral Resolution12 – 15 FWHM12 – 15 FWHM12 – 15 FWHM
Number of Spectral Bands20 - 251635-40
Frame Rate120 frames/sec120 frames/sec50 frames/sec
Dimension 3 x 3 x 3 cm33 x 3 x 3 cm3
Weight45.3 g45.3 g