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Ionization Sources

Ambient Ionization Sources for Portable Mass Spectrometers

Ionization SourceProduct Overview:

BaySpec offers many types of ionization sources to use with our Portability™ and Continuity™ portable mass spectrometers. Delivering ultimate mobility and ease of use, BaySpec’s Portability™ and Continuity™ are compatible with ambient ionization techniques, which do not require any gases or tanks to run measurements. Making it ideal for field analysis, ambient ionization does not require sample preparation; sample introduction quick, direct, and easy to perform by anyone in any location. Providing flexibility to perform applications using various ionization techniques, the external ionization sources can also easily be swapped in less than a minute.

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Ionization Source

Key Features

  • TD-ESI, ESI, TD-APCI, Swab-APCI, APCI, DBDI, PaperSpray, and more
  • Ambient Ionization
  • No Tanks or External Pumps
  • No Sample Prep
  • Swappable
  • Field Analysis Ready
  • Real-time Results
  • Vapors, Liquids, Solids

Application Notes

  • Aflatoxin B1 in Food & Cannabis Products
  • General Clinical Applications
  • Controlled Substance
  • Toxin Detection on Cannabis Leaves
  • Glycerin Interference in Nicotine Analysis