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SuperGamut™ NIR-SWIR Spectrometer

High-performance, compact, and wide wavelength coverage NIR – SWIR spectrometer

NIR-SWIR SpectrometerProduct Overview:

SuperGamut™ near-infrared - shortwave-infrared (NIR - SWIR) spectrometer offers flexible and wide wavelength coverage selections from 900-1700 nm, 1100-2200 nm to 1250-2500 nm. The SuperGamut™ NIR - SWIR spectrometer is designed to meet real-world challenges for best-in-class performance, long-term reliability, compact size, cost - efficiency and ultra-low power consumption. BaySpec offers high spectral resolution, low-noise with a high dynamic range and real-time spectral data acquisition NIR - SWIR spectrometer, as well it supports easy plug via USB connection & packed software “SPEC 20/20” and SDK. With a compact size, high-performance and durability, our device is ideal solution for OEM applications with a wide range selection from UV – NIR to VIS - NIR. BaySpec also provides fully customized OEM solution to meet your specific need and application.

Benefiting from experience manufacturing high-volume optical channel performance monitoring devices for the telecommunications industry, BaySpec’s NIR – SWIR Spectrometer utilizes high-performance, field-proven components. The SuperGamut™ NIR - SWIR spectrometer is the ideal solution for various applications, including, contaminant detection, atmosphere & thermal imaging, moisture detection, chemicals detection and agriculture inspection, etc.

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NIR-SWIR Spectrometer

Key Features


  • Wide and flexible wavelength ranges from 900-1700nm, 1100-2200nm to 1250-2500 nm or custom
  • Fast f/2 or f/3 optics for improved throughput with fiber input
  • High throughput, transmission holographic Volume Phase Grating (VPG®)
  • Operates over wide -10 to +60°C temperature range
  • Operates in high +85% relative humidity environments
  • Hermetic-sealing option for operation in harsh environments and no moving parts
  • Optimized TEC cooling
  • Free packed software “SPEC 20/20” and SDK
  • Factory calibrated for long-life and low maintenance
Wavelength Range900 - 2500 nm or custom
Spectral Resolution~1-20 nm
Integration Time20µs - 300s
Active Pixels1024 / 2048
Dimensions162 x 105 x 60 mm3
Weight800 g