NirSpector™ Transportable VIS-NIR Analyzer


BaySpec’s NirSpector™ transportable benchtop VIS-NIR spectrometer is a turn-key system designed to meet real-world analytical challenges for best-in-class performance, long-term reliability, and mobility. Benefiting from BaySpec’s experience manufacturing high-volume, high-efficiency spectrometer devices for various industries and research sectors, the NirSpector™ is a low-cost, high-performance and field-proven solution for numerous fields such as material quality detection, monitoring and in process automation technology (PAT).

NirSpector™ Transportable VIS-NIR Analyzer

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The NirSpecto™ system integrates spectrometer, active-trigger probe, light source and computer together in a ruggedized whole device. It employs highly efficient Volume Phase Gratings (VPG®) as the spectral dispersion element, thereby providing high-speed parallel processing and continuous spectrum measurements. The active-trigger probe and transmittance sampling accessory provide the most versatile sampling options for vastly different sample conditions. Included NIRSpec 20/20 software is streamlined with spectral library management. This instrument can dramatically increase analytical horsepower in numerous fields including pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, agriculture, semiconductors, beverage & brewery, cosmetics, explosives detection, counterfeit detection, water quality, food safety, petrochemical, law enforcement, pulp & paper, mining, oil exploration, biomedical research, and homeland security.


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