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Volume Phase Transmission Gratings (VPG®)

Volume Phase Transmission GratingsProduct Overview:

Ideal for applications such as: Wavelength Selectable Switch (WSS), Re-configurable Optical Add-Drop Modules (ROADM), Tunable Filters, Optical Channel Performance Monitors (OPM, OCM), Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA) and Wavelength Blockers, Volume Phase Gratings (VPG®) work much like conventional surface relief reflection gratings, except in transmission.  They are periodic phase structures, whose fundamental purpose is to diffract different wavelengths of light from a common input path into different angular output paths.

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Volume Phase Transmission Gratings

Key Features

  • High efficiency – Low Insertion Loss
  • Low PDL
  • Excellent thermal & environmental stability for long-term reliability
  • Broad spectral bandwidth (C, L, CWDM-bands)
  • Multiple gratings options for compact designs