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US Patent Issued to BaySpec for "Apparatus and Methods for Creating a Vacuum in a Portable Mass Spectrometer"

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ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 9 -- United States Patent no. 8,829,425, issued on Sept. 9, was assigned to BaySpec Inc. (San Jose, Calif.).

"Apparatus and methods for creating a vacuum in a portable mass spectrometer"

A portable or handheld mass spectrometer making use of a cryogenic pumping, ion pumping or getter pumping system. The portable mass spectrometer contains a cryopump, ion pump, or getter pump, and operates in conjunction with a fixed docking station. The docking station contains a backing pump to bring the mass spectrometer manifold down to operating pressure prior to being placed into portable operation using the cryopump, ion pump, or getter pump. The individual pumps may be operated either separately or simultaneously. This configuration permits the portable mass spectrometer module to be small, lightweight and rugged, and yet be easily and quickly recharged and regenerated for use in either a field or laboratory environment.

Read the full patent here: http://www.google.com/patents/US8829425