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BaySpec's New SuperGamut™ SWIR Imaging Spectrographs


SuperGamut™ SWIR Imaging Spectrographs

BaySpec’s direct sight SuperGamut™ SWIR Imaging Spectrometer extends the high-performance SuperGamut™ to imaging and remote sensing applications. As an ideal optical engine for hyperspectral imaging or imaging spectroscopy, it produces high-resolution spectral information in the 900-1700nm wavelength range and can be customized for specific applications. Customization is fast and cost-effective utilizing BaySpec’s in-house VPG™ gratings.  Ideal for precision agriculture, hazardous materials detection, environmental law enforcement, weather, geological surveys, scientific field research, and more.  For more information, contact BaySpec, Inc. at +1(408)512-5928 or sales@bayspec.com.