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BaySpec to Present Latest Spectral and Imaging Solutions at SPIE DSS (Booth #1046)


BaySpec To Present Latest Spectral and Imaging Solutions At SPIE DSS15
Booth #1046

Expanded line of ruggedized solutions for real-world field use.


San Jose, CA - BaySpec, Inc., a leading supplier of high performance spectrometers, spectral engines and spectral analyzers, will present its latest spectral sensing solutions at the world's largest Defense and Security show, organized by SPIE (http://spie.org/x6765.xml).  Featured products include the Portability™ Mass Spectrometer, the Agility™ Raman Analyzer, the WaveCapture™ FBG Interrogator, and UAV-Optimized OCI™ Hyperspectral Imagers.

The Portability™ mass spectrometer (MS) is one of BaySpec's newest portable instruments.  Designed to bring the benefits of MS chemical analysis to the field, the Portability™  can service a variety of bulk or trace detection applications with its compact form factor and intuitive user software.  Small enough to be carried by one person (less than 17 lbs), the Portability™ is compatible with in-situ and direct analysis techniques.  With specifically designed sample ionization probes the Portability™ can sample solid, liquid, and gas phase samples from atmosphere.  Alternatively, there is an onboard EI source for low pressure or passive gas / vapor monitoring.

The Agility™ is the world's first dual-band portable Raman instrument enabling users to measure "real-world" challenging samples.  Measurements can be conducted in light tight chamber with a suite of interchangeable sampling accessories for liquid vial, powder, thin slide, pills, rotating platform, and external fiber optic Raman probe.  The Agility™ is now available with a ruggedized Active Trigger Probe, allowing users the ability to initiate sample measurements at the sample without returning to the instrument panel or software display.  The Probe tips can be adapted for different sampling environments.  Ideal for forensics, CBE Detection, didactic teaching too, or Research & Development.

Prism Awarded Finalist OCI("All Seeing Eye") hyperspectral imagers are now available in a UAV-optimized package. Packed with a high-performance, miniature single-board-computer, they acquire VIS-NIR hyperspectral data with continuous spectral and spatial coverage. Operating of the OCI-UAV is automatic and requires minimal human intervention. The OCI-UAV and powerful package features signification reduction in size and weight, and faster data transfer rate with automatic data capturing and processing. Extreme compactness with uncompromised performance, automatic operation and data processing make the OCI-UAV a straightforward system for effortless integration with many UAV/ROVs, for applications such as precision agriculture and remote sensing. BaySpec also provides ready-to-fly hyperspectral total solutions.

BaySpec's widely deployed WaveCapture™ Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Interrogators measure multiple wavelengths for precise FBG sensor-system, for  strain, stress, pressure, vibration, motion or temperature measurements. They are now widely deployed in refinery temperature monitoring  oil and gas down-hole drilling, electrical power grid-monitoring systems, fire prevention systems, power plant monitoring systems, wind turbine monitoring, defense and homeland security systems, structural health/integrity monitoring systems, biomedical sensing, and many other applications.

For more information, please stop by for live demonstrations, discussions and a free gift.

SPIE Defense Security Sensing (DSS) Conference
Baltimore, MD, April 21-23, 2015
Booth # 1046

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BaySpec, Inc.,founded in 1999 with 100% manufacturing in the USA (San Jose, CA), is a vertically integrated spectral sensing company. The company designs, manufactures and markets advanced spectral instruments, from UV-VIS spectrometers to NIR, SWIR and Raman analyzers, hyperspectral imagers and Raman microscopes, for the homeland security, military/defense, forensics, R&D, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, chemical, food, semiconductor, and the optical telecommunications industries.

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