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Experimental/Test/Application Scientist: Mass Spectrometry and MS Spectrometer

Experimental/Test/Application Scientist: Mass Spectrometry and MS Spectrometer

BaySpec, Inc., a San Jose, California based instrumentation company is seeking an individual with specialized skills and recent experience mass spectrometry. The candidate will participate on a team focused on new product development and new applications for advanced portable mass spectrometer products. Our existing customer base spans the traditional areas of optical spectroscopy and with newly developed technology we aim to revolutionize the utility and application of mass spectrometers.  The successful candidate will have the opportunity to be involved with prototype testing, proof-of-concept experiments, inter-action with customers.


  • Testing, experimenting with, implement, simulate, and implement of novel mas spectroscopic devices, ion source technologies into an existing instrument platform.
  • Participate on a small team to test and experiment on developing an ion source and atmospheric pressure interface (API) for a new ion trap mass spectrometer.
  • Advise and assist in the design and execution of experiments to validate ion source performance system and sub-system performance if necessary; e.g. system electronics, vacuum system, ion detection, etc.
  • Dealing with internal team and outside customers


  • Must be enthusiastic about new product development and willing to participate in mass spec related experiments on novel concepts in ion generation and ion transmission.
  • Recent experience with low pressure electron ionization (EI) and atmospheric pressure interfaces (API). Experience with ADI-MS sources is plus
  • Previous experience with prototype design or product validation in analytical instrumentation fields preferred but not required.
  • Working or practical Knowledge of any one or more of the following would be a plus: GD, TD ESI , TD-ESI APCI,APPI, EI/CI, SPME,  MALIDI, DESI, DICE, DART,  SPME- TD
  • Comfortable working in a culturally diverse environment
  • Familiarity with detection of explosives, narcotics, food safety related chemicals, pesticide, CWAs, etc. is a plus.
  • Ability to adapt to a fast moving company and dynamic work environment. Hands on and down-to-the-earth mentality
  • Good communications skills in English, both oral and written for technical documentation and reporting of experimental results.
  • Must be able to present technical concepts and simulated or experimental results.

Education: Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometer Instrumentation, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Electronics, Mechanical engineering, et al.  Ph.D, MS, BS levels

Full-time position. Prior industrial experience and an established work portfolio demonstrating successful mass spectrometry experimental work are preferred.  Ph.D , and MS. type of academic work  my counted as some work experience  For immediate consideration please email resume to: BaySpec Inc., email:  wyang@bayspec.com

Canadian citizens are welcome to apply.