OCI™-M+ Multispectral Camera

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The OCI™-M+, a push-broom multispectral imager, is specifically designed for aerial imaging, featuring a lightweight camera with compact size. The aerial imager OCI™-M+ comes with 12 selective bands including 3 RGB bands, and 9 spectral bands from red edge to NIR, that are most commonly used for precision agriculture. This imager is fully integrated with DJI Inspire 2 UAV allowing the maximum field coverage with high spatial resolution (4000 spatial pixels). An intuitive ground control software is also provided for automated waypoints flying. Its non-slit design also significantly reduces system complexity, and includes a real-time preview feature. Fully integrated and easy to operate, the OCI-M+ UAV ready-to-fly package has made aerial imaging process very straightforward, and is ideal for applications such as precision agriculture, remote sensing, and geological survey.


Key Specs
Operation Mode Push-broom
Spectral range 450-1000 nm
Spectral bands Blue: 470 nm
Green: 560 nm
Red: 660 nm
Red Edge: 690 nm, 720 nm, 760 nm, 780 nm, 800 nm
Near-Infrared: 820 nm, 840 nm, 900 nm, 970 nm
Data format ENVI-BSQ for hyper-cube, BMP band image, ROI spectra, and RAW (pixel data)
Weight 460 g (including standard lens)
UAV DJI Inspire 2

BaySpec Technologies for Food Safety, Food Authenticity and Explosive Detections at ASMS 2018

BaySpec Technologies for Food Safety, Food Authenticity and Explosive Detections at ASMS 2018

BaySpec, Inc. – San Jose , June 3rd, 2018: BaySpec, San Jose,  is giving scientists and chemists attending ASMS 2018 a fresh look at miniature, portable mass spectrometry technologies developed to serve the multi-faceted analytical requirements of food testing,  mobile food inspection and explosive detection laboratories. The new products include a portable, 20-lb mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (MS/MS) system for food safety analyses and a direct-analysis mass spectrometry system for rapid molecular fingerprinting of food commodities, ingredients and processed products. The BaySpec portable mass spectrometry products will be on display at the 66th  Annual Conference of American Society of  Mass Spectrometry  (ASMS), June 3 – 7.

Food Safety Analysis – Portability™  Atmosphere sampling System

At ASMS  BaySpec will preview its new compact mobile mass spectrometer, MS/MS system for food safety and quality laboratories, inspection authorities, et al.. The system, was officially launched later in  2017, allows laboratories to consistently meet and exceed limits of detection when quantifying pesticides residues and other contaminants in food using API MS/MS methods set forth by worldwide regulatory agencies/authorities. Hundreds of pesticides are in use throughout the world, and with other emerging contaminants regularly coming to the attention of regulatory authorities, laboratories need to be able to accurately detect and quantify pesticides in a variety of food types and API-MS/MS, along with  TD_ESI, APCI, ES, DART, et al atmosphere ionization techniques, is the preferred technique of choice for the majority of them.

Food Authenticity and Adulteration – TD-ESI System

The product of a novel, simplistic design of a direct input ion source system for rapid molecular fingerprinting of food commodities, ingredients and processed products. It allows scientists to answer questions such as: Is the sample I’m testing authentic? Has the composition of it changed? Is sample quality good or bad? Featuring the touched screen direct, easy to operate software platform, the instrument performs real-time sample recognition and verifies sample authenticity or adulteration in seconds.

TD-ESI is a direct and rapid analysis technique for various sample types with minimal sample preparation and no requirement for a chromatographic separation. The BaySpec’s user friendly software trains and validates multivariate statistical models using the chemical profile obtained from the TD-ESI analysis. The BaySpec instruments (Portability™  and Continuity™) can be used to identify unknown samples, generating easy-to-interpret results in near real time and a simple yes/no answer in seconds.