FBGA-IRS Analyzer


BaySpec’s WaveCapture™ fiber Bragg grating interrogation analyzer with integrated reference source (FBGA-IRS) is an integrated spectral engine covering multiple wavelengths simultaneously for precise and rapid fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor system measurements.

FBGA-IRS Analyzer

Key Features

Full Detail

The device covers O, S, C or L-band wavelength ranges and provides simultaneous measurements with very fast response rates and excellent wavelength resolution. High reliability (MIL STD 810 shock and vibration) is achieved through a rugged mechanical design with no moving parts. Periodic calibration is not required. Input/output (I/O) is provided through a dual-port RAM interface accessed through ADD/DAT bus direct-connection or serial (RS232 or USB) communications.  As an input, the device uses a tapped signal from the main data transmission link through a single mode fiber, then collimates it with a micro-lens. The signal is spectrally dispersed with a high-throughput, holographic volume phase grating (VPG®) and the diffracted field is focused onto an InGaAs array detector. The control electronics read out the processed digital signal to extract required information. Both the raw data and the processed data are available to the host.

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