RamSpec™ TE-Cooled Benchtop Raman Spectrometer


BaySpec’s RamSpec™ series Raman spectrometers are turn-key solutions designed for best-in-class performance and long-term reliability. Integrating an ultra-sensitive, deep-cooled transmission spectrometer, a class 3B laser source, an optional integrated computer and fiber connectivity, the RamSpec™ offers a high-performance scientific-grade Raman system in a rugged, portable benchtop platform.

RamSpec™ TE-Cooled Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

Key Features

Full Detail

Benefiting from our experience manufacturing high-volume spectral monitoring devices for the telecommunications industry, BaySpec’s spectrometers utilize high-throughput, field-proven components at a competitive price. For the first time in instrumentation history an affordable, accurate and ruggedized scientific-grade Raman spectrometer is a reality.

Key Specs

Excitation Wavelength (single or dual options)

532 nm

785 nm

1064 nm

Spectral Range

100–3200 cm-1

100–3200 cm-1

200–1800 cm-1
(200–3200 cm-1 optional)


4–5 cm-1

4–5 cm-1

6–8 cm-1

(10–15 cm-1 for 200-3200 cm-1)

Laser Power (Adjustable)

0–50 mW

0–450 mW

0–450 mW


The RamSpec™ employs a highly efficient volume phase grating (VPG®) as the spectral dispersion element and an TE-cooled, ultra-sensitive CCD or InGaAs array detector, thereby providing high-speed parallel processing and continuous spectral measurement. As an input, the device uses a fiber optic bundle or slit based on customer preferences. The included Spec 2020 software platform allows full control of spectral acquisition as well as library search functionality.


BaySpec’s High-performance RamSpec™ Benchtop Raman Spectrometers

 ramspec 532nm diamond

.Diamond Spectrum Collected with RamSpec 532nm Raman Spectrometer

ramspec 785nm diamond

.Diamond Spectrum Collected with RamSpec 785nm Raman Spectrometer

RamSpec 1064nm Estradiol

1064nm Raman Spectrum of Estradiol

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