OCI™-D Airborne VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Imager


OCI™ ("All Seeing Eye") –D airborne hyperspectral imager cover full VIS-NIR wavelength range with innovative technologies featuring compactness, high reliability, lifetime calibration and easy UAV integration (integrated hyperspectral UAV system is also available).

OCI™-D Airborne VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Imager

Full Detail

OCI™(“All Seeing Eye”) with the extended wavelength range OCI™-D, covers full VIS-NIR wavelength range 475-975 nm. OCI-D2000 as a snapshot hyperspectral imager fundamentally eliminates artifacts caused by motions during flight. These innovations significantly reduce the requirements on UAV system, so that integration is almost effortless for many UAV/ROVs. Offering up to 40 bands with 500 x250 pixels and 12-15 nm resolution with video rate speed, the OCI-D2000 is truly a unique hyperspectral imager.

Included with BaySpec’s SpecGrabber™ for camera control and data acquisition, and CubeCreator™ for hyperspectral data processing. Ideal for precision agriculture, environmental conservancy, geological surveys, ecosystem studies, and more.


Key Specs
Model OCI-D2000
Wavelength Range 475-975 nm
Operation Mode Snapshot
Weight ~ 1.4 lb. (540 g) (including standard lenses)
Data Interface USB 3.0 (up to 50 fps)
Ready to fly solution provided with UAV and imager gimbal




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