OCI™-OEM Ultra-compact Hyperspectral Camera


BaySpec’s Compact OCI™-OEM hyperspectral cameras are optical engines of the OCI-1000 and OCI-2000 hyperspectral imagers. It features extreme compactness and fast data transfer rate. The high performance hyperspectral/multispectral camera works in push-broom mode or snapshot mode in a compact form factor weighing less than 180 g. These optical engines acquire full, VIS-NIR hyperspectral/multispectral data with high spectral resolution and fast speed. Continuous hyperspectral data capturing can happen at video rates. Compactness, simple operation and optional SDK makes the OCI-OEM integration an effortless task.

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OCI™-OEM Ultra-compact Hyperspectral Camera

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USB 3.0 (up to 120 fps)
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BaySpec OCI-U Compact Hyperspectral Imager
Hyperspectral/multispectral cameras, compared to traditional cameras, divide the light spectrum into many small wavelength bands. Therefore, a Hyperspectral camera can capture the spectral fingerprints as spectral signatures from an object. These spectral signatures give very detailed information about the material constitutions of the imaged object.

Hyperspectral/multispectral imaging considerably improves the identification and classification of objects and is today recognized as a key enabling technology for next-generation industrial inspection, medical diagnosis and security applications.


OCI Hyperspectral Imager for Field Use

The compact and easy-to-use OCI-U-1000 can be quickly set up for field use.



BaySpec snapshot hyperspectral camera (OCI-U-2000) for real-time material sorting:


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