OCI™-M+ Multispectral Camera


BaySpec’s OCI™-M+ is a multispectral imager designed for aerial imaging for precision agriculture, remote sensing, security, material detection, and geological survey. The aerial imager has 12 selective bands, including 3 RGB bands, and 9 spectral bands from red edge to NIR. The OCI™-M+ UAV ready-to-fly package has made aerial multispectral imaging very straightforward.

OCI™-M+ Multispectral Camera

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The OCI™-M+, a push-broom multispectral imager, is specifically designed for aerial imaging, featuring a lightweight camera with compact size. The aerial imager OCI™-M+ comes with 12 selective bands including 3 RGB bands, and 9 spectral bands from red edge to NIR, that are most commonly used for precision agriculture. This imager is fully integrated with DJI Inspire 2 UAV allowing the maximum field coverage with high spatial resolution (4000 spatial pixels). An intuitive ground control software is also provided for automated waypoints flying. Its non-slit design also significantly reduces system complexity, and includes a real-time preview feature. Fully integrated and easy to operate, the OCI-M+ UAV ready-to-fly package has made aerial imaging process very straightforward, and is ideal for applications such as precision agriculture, remote sensing, and geological survey.


Key Specs
Operation Mode Push-broom
Spectral range 450-1000 nm
Spectral bands Blue: 470 nm
Green: 560 nm
Red: 660 nm
Red Edge: 690 nm, 720 nm, 760 nm, 780 nm, 800 nm
Near-Infrared: 820 nm, 840 nm, 900 nm, 970 nm
Data format ENVI-BSQ for hyper-cube, BMP band image, ROI spectra, and RAW (pixel data)
Weight 460 g (including standard lens)
UAV DJI Inspire 2