Nomadic™ Research-Grade Raman Microscope


BaySpec’s Nomadic™ Raman microscope line is the only Raman microscope on the market today simultaneously equipped with three excitation sources from the visible to near-infrared (532, 785, and 1064 nm). With a goal of maximizing Raman signal and minimizing fluorescence background for real-world samples, this wavelength combination provides unprecedented flexibility for any sample type. Single-wavelength version, and other custom configurations are also available.

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Nomadic™ Research-Grade Raman Microscope

Key Features

Full Detail

The Nomadic™ is equipped with dedicated spectrographs and detectors for each excitation wavelength, ensuring optimal spectral coverage, resolution, and sensitivity, with no trade-offs or compromises. The Nomadic™ also features fully automated operation, covering laser switching, sample position, slit width, and laser power.

Coupled to an Olympus® research-grade optical microscope, the Nomadic™ can deliver confocal measurements with spatial resolution less than 1 μm. BaySpec’s Spec 20/20 software suite allows full control over instrument hardware, data acquisition, data analysis, and integrated Multivariate Image Analysis (MIA) toolbox by Eigenvector Research, Inc.

Nomadic™ 3-in-1 with enclosure

Already have a microscope? –We can retrofit any commercially available microscope with one of our Raman engines, please contact us for an affordable quote.


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