MovingLab™ Transportable Microscope


The latest product innovation in our Raman microspectroscopy line is the MovingLab™, a portable, affordable instrument that is ideal for easy transport into the field or for mobile forensics work. The MovingLab™ bundles an epi-illumination microscope with a BaySpec Raman spectrometer, laser source, video camera, and controlling computer into one space-saving footprint (~1 ft2) weighing less than 20 pounds. The MovingLab™ allows brightfield imaging as well as Raman spectral acquisition, and includes an onboard battery for approximately 3 hours of use afield between charges.

MovingLab™ Transportable Microscope

Key Features

Full Detail

Standard offerings are 532, 785, or 1064 nm single-band, and can be configured with any wavelength of choice or dual-band. Already have a microscope? –We can retrofit any commercially available microscope with one of our Raman engines, please contact us for an affordable quote.

Key Specs


Upright microscope


4 position turret with objectives up to 100X


70 mm X 50 mm, manual

Video Camera

Color CCD, 30 fps


305 x 305 x 381 (H) (12 in x 12 in x 15 in)


7 Kg (15 lbs)

Laser Wavelength (dual-band available)

532 nm

785 nm

1064 nm

Laser Power (Adjustable)

0-50 mW

0-450 mW

0-450 mW

Spectral Range

100-3200 cm-1

100-2300 cm-1

100-2300 cm-1

Spectral Resolution

9-12 cm-1

6-9 cm-1

12-17  cm-1


Internal PC included; external PC via USB 2.0

Input Voltage

24 V DC or 110 to 220 V AC

Power Consumption

< 85 W


Lithium ion, 3 hr battery life




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