Breeze™ – Smart Palm Spectrometer


BreezeTM is the world’s smartest palm-size spectrometer for 400-1700nm with a simple one-button operation. Featuring proprietary miniaturized optics, BreezeTM is highly efficient for maximum sensitivity with ultra-fast acquisition.

Breeze™ – Smart Palm Spectrometer

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BaySpec – Datasheet – Breeze Smart Palm Chemical Analyzer

BaySpec introduces BreezeTM, the world’s first and smallest Smart Palm Chemical Analyzer in the 400 – 1700 nm range. The BreezeTM Chemical Analyzer is highly efficient, ultra-sensitive, compact, and fast. For the first time, a smart device delivers laboratory performance in a palm form factor.

The BreezeTM comes fully loaded with integrated light source, probing optics, and spectrometer.  The analyzer may be outfitted with a narrow linewidth laser or a broadband light source.  The device connects wirelessly to any smartphone via Bluetooth interface. BaySpec’s LightSpec phone app allows users to record their own spectral databases for sample analysis. By referencing spectral data from the library, this palm device can perform quantitative and qualitative analysis at anytime and anywhere for plants, plastics, illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals, explosives, biological warfare agents, medicine, food, and any other material.

Fast.  Accurate.  Simple.  Breeze.