Continuity™ Transportable High-Sensitivity Mass Spectrometer

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The new miniature mass spectrometers from BaySpec are based on proprietary linear ion trap technology that offers unparalleled performance. Continuity™ mass spectrometer offers improved sensitivity and mass range for more demanding applications. Custom ion focusing optics coupled with high efficiency transport optics allows Continuity™ to detect virtually all generated ions.

All BaySpec mass spectrometers are compatible with in situ and real-time ionization methods including electron impact (EI), thermal desorption (TD), electrospray ionization (ESI), atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI), and any other ambient ionization techniques such as DART and DESI. These extremely compact instruments are very easy to operate and maintain and are ideal for a variety of bulk or trace on-site detection in real time.

Application Notes with Transportable Mass Spectrometer:

     Toxin Detection on Cannabis Leaves with Portability Mass Spectrometer

     Residual Pesticide Detection on Fruits and Vegetabels

     Peptide Sequencing with Portable Mass Spectrometer

     Mycotoxin Detection in Wheat Flour with Portability Mass Spectrometer 

     Drug Screening Using Portable Mass Spectrometer for Supervised Injection Sites

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BaySpec Continuity Transportable High-Sensitivity Mass Spectrometer
The ContinuityTM transportable mass spectrometer brings high-sensitivity and large mass range to chemical analysis in the field.