Portability™ Transportable Mass Spectrometer


The PortabilityTM mass spectrometer is one of BaySpec’s newest portable instruments.  Designed to bring the benefits of MS chemical analysis to the field, the PortabilityTM can service a variety of bulk or trace detection applications with its compact form factor and intuitive user software. Small enough to be carried by one person, the PortabilityTM is compatible with in-situ and direct analysis techniques.

Portability™ Transportable Mass Spectrometer

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The portable/transportable MS is the latest innovation from BaySpec’s 15 years’ belief in “bring labs to samples”. Using core technology that was developed from laboratory-based instruments, the PortabilityTM is small enough to be used in the field and still offers ppb-level detection and compatibility with in situ and real-time detection methods. The convenience, affordability, efficiency, and ease of in-field sample analysis will save time and reduce cost.

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